Saturday, 1 October 2016

October Projects at Gossamer Blue

October has always been a favourite month for me. The crisp air! The colours! That hint of new beginnings wrapped up in tradition. It's everything at once. And a good time to be a scrapbooker. 

And, maybe, a cardmaker? As it's World Cardmaking Day today, I'd better start my Gossamer Blue October projects with

 ...a card. I made a set for my GB blog post later in the month, but this one has a slightly different look so I pulled it and here it is. It's mostly Crate Paper Gather collection and the sentiment is from a rub on pen , in the Life Pages Main Add on. I used some chipboard pieces on this one and I do have a tip: if you want to reduce the dimension a little bit for a card going in the post, take the chipboard piece, adhere it to some waxed paper (or a glassine kit packaging bag) and then try to peel if off again. You should find a couple of layers of chipboard want to stay behind on the paper, and that's great because you can leave them there and stick a reduced height embellishment onto your card.

Next I made this page:

SianF October Projects at Gossamer Blue

about our summer trip to Berlin. We had a great time, as long as we kept our blood sugar levels topped up. For this one I took my cue from the peeling posters in the photo (you can't really see it here, but that photo is popped off the page, slightly higher than the other) and I ripped and wrinkled a selection of paper from the Main and Add On kits

to combine with embellishments from the Amy Tangerine diecut ephemera pack in the Main Add On.

And finally, I went back to my new favourite size, 8.5x11, for this page:

SianF October at Gossamer Blue

This one uses a couple of cards from the Life Pages kit, and the big wood veneer numbers - for the year - from Dear Lizzy in the Main Kit. For my journaling, I marked on my card where I wanted my words to sit, put it through the typewriter and then stuck the black frame (from Amy Tangerine) down afterwards. I added a doily from my stash. Those little birds! They're by Maggie Holmes and I think I used every last one. You can find it all at Gossamer Blue.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Million Tiny Little Things: Towards October

Heading towards October

...I'm going a bit librarian and printing out and filing away about 1004 knitting patterns I'd like to try. I've been browsing my Knitting Pinterest Board and making use of all the free-to-download ones. There is a preponderance of yoke sweaters, I can't deny it, with lots of ideas from the Drops Design site.

..waiting for the postman to bring my first ever order of Lett Lopi wool. I've never seen it in person; but I'm being persuaded by all the patterns out there that it's light and warm and just perfect for wearing in Student Land. So I'm going to knit her this one. Fun fact: Scarlett Johansson wears a version of this sweater in We Bought a Zoo. Mine will be in greys and heathers, though. I can't wait to get started.

...keeping in mind that you haven't seen this month's Sock of the Month. I'm doing a couple of pairs as presents, so until they've gone on their way, they're under wraps. Actually under wraps, with bows on.

...Jumping about a bit with pleasure at finding a lovely new site from which to order my books. Wordery takes paypal and delivers for free worldwide. Go take a look!

...Shaking my head, thinking about supermarket pricing. I went to buy milk yesterday and, since it's just the two of us, I thought I'd buy a litre instead of two, which would be easier to carry as well as lighter on the purse. But I couldn't believe what I was reading when I looked at the prices. Two litres? 90p. But one litre? 88p. I don't know what else to say about that.

...Feeling myself pulled into finding out more and more about "Slow Fashion October", which is, says the wonderfully readable (in that I'll just scroll down one more page way) blog Fringe Association, a 
"celebration of the small batch, handmade, second-hand, well-loved, long-worn, known-origins wardrobe"
I'm captivated by her plan of determining to recreate by knitting and sewing, her favourite styles of the season: one or two special pieces carefully created and then worn with pride. I made a lot of my own clothes when I was a teenager. I suppose I stopped because I didn't have time. Or maybe because I began to earn enough to buy thing instead. But I'm drawn back, now, to wanting to make what I really like..

..wait, is that the door?

It's here! Already I'm, a blue one for me..

What are your little things for October?

Monday, 26 September 2016

Memorandum Monday: Never Bin There Before

So, come on Monday: what have you got for us? Autumn? Please tell me it's autumn! I'm in a making, reading, curling up on the sofa mood today and who can ever feel guilty about that when there are swirling leaves to watch through the window and blackberry crumble to dream about for tea?

And in the meantime...

Our weekend? This was our first child-free one, though we did have the pleasure of an hour of our girl's company as she returned from student land for a belongings smash and grab. She took a hot water bottle and a winter coat, which was sensible given the number of hours we have spent in contact with the heating engineer in the last week. It's not good when your boiler has water in it, right? She seems to be having a good time despite the chill and the no-show of the broadband man. There is always Internet of Mum and Dad, which is a bit like Bank of Mum and Dad, except that somebody has to go out for more printer paper when she's finished.

I've been working on...

But that was okay! We had to go shopping for a new phone for Granny anyway. Long story short: too many engaged tones, we could hear her sometimes, she couldn't hear us at all, the panic button wouldn't work, the BT man couldn't come until Monday. We made an emergency run yesterday with a new phone in case that helped. But she was fine. Everything seemed back to normal. And I came away with a surprise gift of a copy of Mary Jane Mucklestone's Fair Isle Style. Granny has no internet. It's not my blog she's reading. It must be my mind.

some sneaks of

We meandered home - kid free means we get to choose the route - and we ended up driving through a little country town which the road used to skirt years ago, but which is now, with the opening of the new by-pass, not part of our city to country route at all. It turned into an interesting first. We both remember this place from our childhoods; but we had, of course, different memories, different stories to tell, so that we were each hearing new snatches of our previous lives about a place we had both known back then. Does that make sense? It  made for a backwards and forwards kind of an afternoon; and when that happens it's always good to go home, make a big mug of coffee, and talk about what we're going to do next...

my projects....

Hope you have a good week! Anything new over the weekend for you? Maybe you'd like to make a memo? You'd be very welcome! Last week  Alexandra, Helena, Eileen, Jane, Mitra, Maggie, Deb, Ladkyis and Karen gave us a taste of what was new down their way. Go on, give 'em a wave! And if you'd like to join in, an hello here is much appreciated as I'm as much in need of a gentle shove into the new week as anybody else! Have a good one!

for October at Gossamer Blue

Friday, 23 September 2016


That nephew of mine, Little E: if he texts, it's usually a matter of some urgency often requiring rapid aunt participation of an interesting kind. Saturday's message got straight to the point:

Auntie Sian, can you knit me a pokeball hat, please and maybe a pikachu too. Thank you. E xx

There was even a Ravelry link attached; and in that I detected the hand of his mother, so I texted back:

That's a crochet pattern. But there are knitted ones too. I can do that. No problem. 

She returned:

He was worried you might not know what a pokeball hat is. But I said of course you'd know

And, not for the first time, I whispered a quiet word of thanks to the generous knitters who create and post their patterns to a place where an aunt can find them first thing on a Saturday morning, right around breakfast time.

Pattern: a free Ravelry download by SashaKnits (thank you!)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (which is machine washable)

I printed out my poke- pattern, but it was Sunday night before I was able to sit down and order some poke-wool: red, black and white aran, with a larger-than-my-usual-size circular needle, which couldn't really be called poke(y) at all because it looked so fat. And then I waited for the wool to arrive.

A couple of days later, as I listened for the postman, came not a text message this time, but the very face of Little E himself. Face time! 

"Why aren't you at school?" I asked.

"I'm sick!" he said brightly and smiled his most winning smile, so what could I do but clear my schedule and settle down for a long poke-chat. 

"I'll phone you again later, Auntie Sian: you have a lot more pokemon to learn!" he finished, quite a bit later.

And, what do you know, by the time he called back the parcel of wool had arrived and we were able to open it together. Now, this was good and this was also bad. The red and the black came out of the parcel looking poke-perfect and Little E approved. But when the white appeared? Poke-panic! It wasn't white at all, it was cream.

"That's not right," Little E shook his head. "That white has yellow in it. You need white with....grey in it."

which was pretty deep, I thought, coming from a seven year old, and also unnervingly accurate. The white wasn't white, it was yellow.

"I have to go out now," I said. "But phone me again in a hour and I'll have poke-progress to report."

So he did. And I did. I ran to the Post Office (no: not actually, what a thought) and, on my way, I tried our local wool shop, keeping my fingers very tightly crossed since  I only resort to internet shopping because this place doesn't often have what I need. I was in luck. The poke-hat was back in business, with a new white, signed off by Little E, and a big needle for some swiss darning.

It didn't take very long. So I ran back to the Post Office (no, not really). He says he likes it. But I think it's going to take a bit of persuasion to get him to take a picture. He's gone all shy. Or maybe he's just too busy chasing pokemon. Hey, Little E, I want a go!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Check. Mate.

Today I'm talking Guilty Secrets. Not the I've got a stash of sugared almonds somewhere in the house and I'm not telling anyone where to find them kind of secret. Nor even the you don't want to know what's buried under my patio kind. No: I mean the sort of thing you don't generally mention in public unless you are forced into a corner. See, for me it's board games.

SianF scrapbooking for Get It Scrapped

I simply don't enjoy them. It's not something I tend to shout about because..well..there's always a whiff of a bad loser about someone who doesn't look forward to a bit of monopoly round the fire of a winter's evening. And I'm not. A bad loser, I mean. I couldn't be, given that I was always picked last for every sports team at school, ever. Games? I shrug my shoulders at them. I have thought about it, though. What is it that makes my mood sink and the excuse making part of my brain go into overdrive every time someone says Cluedo? Maybe it's the sitting in one place, the not being able to do anything else with my hands whilst it's going on, maybe it's just that I'm not very good at waiting my turn, maybe I'm still traumatised by that Christmas we tried to play Sorry! No: I'm not going there.

Get It Scrapped asked for a page inspired by the design of a board game. I panicked, don't mind admitting it. Most of the games they suggested I hadn't even heard of (interesting point there: are favourite games different depending on where you come from?). But I let the idea sit for a couple of days and I eventually came up with a checkered design very loosely based on a chess or draughts board, and a play on words, and a whole other slew of shudder inducing situations. There was this one time, with a gorilla if I tell you about that one, half of my family will probably never speak to me again.

More board game inspired pages at Get It Scrapped
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